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Shapla Dance Group Performing A Thematic Dance
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Ridy has been choreographing performances by her own since the age of 14. She started teaching dance at the age of 16. She joined School #1241 in Moscow as an assistant choreographer. At the school she taught hip-hop dance style for the beginners.

From the age of 14-16 she used to choreograph performances in groups to represent mainly Bangladeshi culture. In 2010, she represented the Bangladeshi culture with her group at the anniversary of People’s Friendship University. She has performed with folk Bengali dance in Kremlin Palace of Congresses – one of the most prestigious and biggest concert hall of that time in Russia.

In 2014, she creates her dance crew called “Shapla” (Bangla). Shapla means “water lily” (“lotus”) in English. It is the national flower of Bangladesh. Ridy choreographs all the dances of “Shapla” by herself. Her group has won numerous dance competitions in Russia.

After participating at SYTYCD Russia Ridy was invited by Migel to choreograph Bollywood dances for TV-shows. She was a choreographer at both 1st and 2nd seasons of “SYTYCD Russia”, “I can do that” and many more. Her dances were acknowledged as the best Bollywood dance pieces at the shows she has worked for.

In 2015, Ridy worked with #1 pop star in Russia Nyusha for her music video “Gde ti, tam ya” in collaboration with her permanent choreographer Oksana Shurochkina. Music video has gained more than 45 million views on YouTube.

She also worked with famous Russian artists like Jasmin, Marta Kot, Kornelia Mango, Irakli, Angel-A and many others. She also worked as a choreographer and assistant director for Beeline TVC in 2016 along with Sergey Svetlakov.

Ridy was invited to different countries and cities for workshops – Russian cities, Ukraine, India, Belarus, Sweden, Portugal and many mores. She was also heading judge panels at different international festivals and competitions.

Ridy holds her youtube channel ( from June 2007. She was continuously uploading all her performances, including Bangla dances. From 2015 she started making dance covers, which made her significant dance personality online. Due to some copyright issue and content creating purposes she made a second account (, where she reuploaded her old performances + adding new recent videos, mainly stage performances.

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Her dance covers and videos were noticed by many artists and influential people. Habib Wahid, Mila (Bangladesh), Kumari Suraj, Salman Yousuf Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Shraddha Kapoor – these are the name of few artists who talked about her online.

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