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based on kathak and bharatnatyam

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Ridy has been dancing from 1998, since the age of 5.  She started her artistic journey with the traditional folk dances of Bangladesh. They were choreographed Smita Sengupta and Nipun Akhter. For a while, she also took Kathak classes from Guru Ashwani Nigam. At the same time, she was trying to do western dance forms like modern dance (something close to hip-hop at that time), ballroom dance, ballet and etc.

Her first performance in Bollywood style happened at the age of 10. Eliza Anam (well-known dancer and choreographer in Russia/Sweden) choreographed the dance, using music from well-known Bollywood hit-movie “Devdas”.

Besides her journey in exploring Bollywood dance form, she started training in styles like Jazz-funk, Hip-hop, Dancehall, Waacking, Vogue and many others. She was a member and sometimes a co-choreographer of few crews in Russia like “Girls community”, “MD Group” and “Dolce Vita”.

During her career, Ridy participated in a huge number of contests and competitions. One of the most remarkable one was “Bollywood Dance Star”.  She won this international dance competition and beauty pageant in 2011, awarded by a huge crown from Syria with Swarovski Stones and special trip to India with workshop session certificate.

In media, her talent was first acknowledged widely in 2012, after performing at dance reality TV-show “Tantsuut Vsi” (Ukrainian analogue of So You Think You Can Dance). She got place in top-100. Her performance was promising; many people predicted her reaching top-50 or even top-20. Unfortunately, she had to refuse to participate in her dream show due to a severe knee trauma she got during her preparations for the show. After that she had her longest break in dance career – 2 years.

In 2014 Ridy took part in dance TV-show “Tancy” (Russian analogue of So You Think You Can Dance). She got place in top-50. She was later invited to the show by one of mentors of the show, Migel, to choreograph a Bollywood dance (read more about Ridy as a choreographer here).

In the end of 2015 Ridy decided to participate in Bangladeshi dance TV Show “Mangolee Channel I Shera Nachiye”. This experience was challenging enough, she never stayed in Bangladesh for more than 3 weeks, however for “Shera Nachiye” she had to stay in Dhaka for 6 months.

Judges of dance competion “Mangolee Channel I Shera Nachiye” have noticed her work ethics, not to mention her evident love for the art. She impressed with her virtuosity and her ability to connect with the public. Moreover, even though she was raised in Russia and trained properly mostly in western styles, judges and audience were amazed by her knowledge of culture and traditions of Bangladesh and Indian subcontinent, as well as her experience in Indo-Bengali cultural presentations. Ridy received highest marks and appreciation from both judge panel and audience, which allowed her to win the competition. Now she holds the title of Champion of Mangolee Channel I Shera Nachiye, season 3.

As a well-known performer and choreographer, Ridy travels a lot with tours and workshops (read more about Ridy as a choreographer here). She has performed in some Russian cities, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, France, Portugal and Malaysia. She was invited to Portugal as a significant artist who promotes Bangladeshi culture for All-European Bangladeshi Association’s Summit (cultural show), as well as to Malaysia as an only artist from Bangladesh to attend 1st Bangladesh Global Summit.

 Dance Plus, Season 3

Dance Plus Teams, Season 3

In 2017 Ridy is fulfilling one of her old plans – finally she accepted an invitation to Mumbai, heart of Bollywood industry, for reality show “Dance Plus, season 3” on Star Plus channel. She was invited few times for auditions since the launch of the show. This time she is collaborating with Kumari Suraj – one of influential persons in dance industry (USA based), one of Ridy’s inspiration. Ridy is now a proud member of “House of Suraj” and she represented “Bollywhack” dance form in an international team managed by Kumari.

With the continuous support from her fans, Ridy with her team “House of Suraj” became Top-8 at Dance Plus 3. Their performances were appreciated by iconic bollywood personalities such as Shahrukh Khan, Imtiaz Ali, Ayushman Khurrana, Kriti Sanon, Akshay Kumar, Bhumi pednekar, Siddharth Malhotra, Jacquline Fernandez, Govinda, Shraddha Kapoor, Sunny Deol and many more.

To view some of their performances click here or watch directly from below:

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